Louis Vendredi made a deal with the devil to sell cursed antiques, but he broke that pact and it cost him his soul. Now his niece Micki and her cousin Ryan have inherited the store -- and with it, the curse. Now they must get everything back... and the real terror begins.
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April 1, 2006

Micki Foster played by Robey
Micki is the niece of Louis Vendredi. In the first episode, she inherited the store "Vendredi's Antiques", along with Ryan, from her dead uncle. Micki was vehemently against keeping the store. She wanted to get back to her fiance and her life. Robey played Micki for the entire series. And the series producers were happy to be able to pull her away from her modeling career for the role. Robey's real name is Louise Robey. She became a Countess in 1994 by marrying a Count in the UK. They divorced in 2001, but share custody of a son, James. Visit Robey's web site for more details. Check her out in the other movies listed in Robey's Filmography.

Jack Marshak played by Chris Wiggins
Jack is an old friend of Lewis'. He first encounters Micki and Ryan while sneaking around Vendredi's Antiques trying to find out what happened to Louis. In the first episode Jack informs Micki and Ryan of what they have inadvertently done by selling off everything in the store. Chris played Jack Marshak for the entire series. His "grandfatherly" wisdom added the conservative dimension to the series. You get the feeling that without Jack, Micki and Ryan would have long ago died. ;^) With the exception of R.G. Armstrong, Chris was the film veteran. Visit Chris' web site for more details. Check out the other movies listed in Chris' Filmography.

Ryan Dallion played by John D. LeMay
Ryan is a distant cousin of Micki Foster. In the first episode, he inherited the store "Vendredi's Antiques", along with Micki, from Micki's dead uncle. Ryan wanted to keep the store for the "neat" objects they found in it. John D. LeMay played Ryan for the first two seasons of the show. Fangoria stated that the creative forces felt that some new blood (no pun intended) was necessary to sustain a third season of episodes. (Fangoria Horror Spectacular, October 1991, #4) So Ryan was reduced to a 10 year old and left the show. There were also rumors about John wanting to move on as an actor. Visit John's web site for more details. Also, check out the other movies in John's Filmography.

Johnny Ventura played by Steve Monarque
Johnny was introduced to us near the end of the second season in the episode "Wedding Bell Blues". Johnny was the potential love interest for Micki, with the devil-may-care attitude. He didn't quite get the hang of cursed item retrieval as quickly as Micki and Ryan did. Several episodes were devoted to bad judgement he made on some items. Steven played Johnny for a couple episodes in the second season and all of the last season. Unfortunately, he never really caught on as the new male lead and the show decided to quit while they were ahead. There were a few moments of sexual tension between Micki and Johnny, but much less than your normal daytime soap. ;^) Visit Steve's web site for more details. Check out the other films in Steve's Filmography.

Director of "The Sweetest Sting", "Scarlet Cinema", and "Jack in the Box": David Winning
David has been making films since he was 10 years old. For the series, he showcases his talent in three very fine episodes. One method that separates him from some other F13:TS alumni is that he prefers to let the viewers imagination visualize the graphic event. This gives a bit of a Hitchcock-like feel to the episodes. I have always enjoyed that type of film-making philosopy, probably because I have a very active imagination. My favorite of the three is "Jack in the Box". It has some very emotional moments of tenderness amidst the horror. Sci-Fi fans may also recognize his work from several episodes of Andromeda and Earth: Final Conflict. For more information, please visit David's web site. Don't forget to check out David's filmography at IMDB.com.

Director of "Faith Healer": David Cronenberg
Probably the most famous director that worked on Friday the 13th: The Series was David Cronenberg. His most popular film up to that time was "The Fly" starring Jeff Goldblum and Gena Davis. He would later direct the reality-bending "Existenz", my favorite Cronenberg movie. It has a style that is uniquely David Cronenberg's.
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